Psalm 126 TPT

"1.It was like a dream come true when you freed us from our bondage and brought us back to Zion!

2.We laughed and laughed and overflowed with gladness. We were left shouting for joy and singing your praise. All the nations saw it and joined in saying, "The Lord has done great miracles for them!"

3.Yes, He did mighty miracles and we are overjoyed!

4.Now Lord, do it again! Restore us to our former glory!May streams of your refreshing flow over us until our dry hearts are drenched again.

5.Those who sow their tears as seeds will reap a harvest with joyful shouts of glee.

6.They may weep as they go out carrying their seed to sow, but they will return with joyful laughter and shouting with gladness as they bring back armloads of blessing and a harvest overflowing!"


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